Tablet and Mobile Phone Recycling and Reuse

Tablet and Mobile Phone Recycling – Secure

At some stage every company needs to deal with the reality of tablet and mobile phone recycling or disposal. This must be done without compromising the data on them such as emails, contact details and passwords.  Even a ‘Factory Reset’ won’t clear it all, with software sold online to recover information lost through accidental resets!

An estimated 54% of mobile phones that are discarded or resold still contain this type of information.

Secure Tablet and Mobile Phone Recycling Manchester

Most mobile phone recycling firms state plainly in their terms and conditions that the onus is on the user to remove all data before sending the equipment in, which is just not acceptable for corporate technology. However, MGH offers permanent data erasure, with certification, from all devices including mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers.

After the secure, permanent data removal and certification. Our customers can then choose to reuse the refurbished technology within their organisation, or they can allow us to recycle or reuse it, and compensate them.  Our customers are always guaranteed that their data is secure and erased from the device forever.

100% data security
MGH securely erases all data from smartphones, tablets and mobile phones.  All information and user data, including contacts, emails, texts, passwords and call logs will be deleted permanently.